Saturday, April 19, 2014

DNT900 Radio Transmission Collection with HackRF

Since I happen to be a lucky owner of a HackRF I thought it would be interesting to collect the transmission from the dnt900 used in my remote weather station project. Here is a 20MHz collect using hackrf_transfer

I believe this recording captures most of transmission (primarily my base station), at 38.4 kb/s data rate.

For those looking for nitty gritty details the FCC Exhibits lists is somewhat interesting, not much more information than found in the devices users manual though:

Here is a link to the recording if you want to check it out:

If your using Baudline to view the HackRF collected files (via hackrf_transfer)  here are the settings:

NOTE: these collects from older HackRF firmware, latest firmware creates signed 

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