Sunday, February 23, 2014

not so-little project to access a weather station miles from home

A couple months ago after getting comfortable with my Raspberry Pi, and thinking about my upcoming gardening season , I got the idea it would be nice to have a weather station in my garden. Not exactly a revolutionary idea, except the fact my garden is almost two miles from the house with no access to utilities.  I also had recently been experimenting with the RPi900  (using the DNT900 transceiver ) , given it's specs, and my general RF knowledge I decided early this would be my initial approach.

Fast forward to today and I am midway through the project to make it a reality. Along the way I have started to leverage some interesting technologies (hardware and software), and continue to be impressed with the vastness of the weather station community (and those with impressive hardware or  software knowledge shared online.)  My skillset is broad, but shallow (classic 'Jack of all trades, master of none'), encouraging me to heavily leverage others work. I'll link to all the sites I found helpful along the way; so for I've found I rarely depart from the great references I find.

As I got deeper into this project (to have a distant remote weather station), it became clear it would be helpful to me (and perhaps others) to document the process  and progress.  Since this is a very much in-progress project (and subject to a few more cycles of trial and error), my posts are not going to be a step-by-step guide. Time permitting, when the project stabilizes abit more I will attempt to circle back and summarize it all. 

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